Why I love printed calendars

Why do I have a place in my heart for a printed art calendar in this era of electronic scheduling?

Header image for blog post, with a watercolour background overlaid with photo of Tangerine Meg holding a 2018 art calendar with a Bold Art for Bold Souls sign behind and a glimpse of a framed watercolour painting of nasturtiums

I’ve been producing my bold art calendars for 5 years now. All the time, I’m learning what people like about them, and finding my own joys and insights amongst the process. One friend said:

Double daily inspiration from Tangerine Meg’s beautiful art AND the inspiring quotations on her calendars!
~ Michele McCrae, Adelaide

Thank You card on a pile of Bold Women art calendars amidst being wrapped in bubble wrap


I like the physical constraint of space on a real page … if there’s not enough room to write it in the boundaries of the little rectangle, maybe there’s not time to do it in the day! [Are you fighting the tendency to over-schedule yourself or your family, too?]

If you have to walk into another room or come home to check in with the calendar on your fridge, you’re prevented from accidentally overcommitting when on the spot! As well as an antidote to simple double booking, this builds in a feeling of general spaciousness and decreases pressure.

In my bold art calendars, along with enough-but-not-too-much space, are vibrant pictures to make us smile, plus thoughtful quotations give something to think about during the day/month.

“… just want to say I am loving the quotes on this years calendar… I say thank you to you every morning as I read them!”
~ anonymous bold soul

an art calendar page featuring a rainbow cat painting, and the matching cat art picture on a computer screen

I love putting pictures, type and other elements together. [studied Graphic Design twice, dontcha know?]

This work in progress picture <<< of the Thea (Rainbow Goddess) page of the 2018 cat bold art calendar gets meta pretty fast…
I made a real painting, which was scanned into an electronic format, which was then printed into a real calendar. Then, took photos for showing you online, to order and get a real one in the mail!

My point though: art calendars are fun to make!

It’s almost time to turn your 2017 calendar page over to September. Shall we all do it together on September the first? With different time zones, it might be more like a page fluttering mexican wave of September-turning-pages around the world over the course of hours? That sounds airy and lovely!

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

PS if you only listen to one podcast this week, let it be this one. We need to share as many reminders as possible that we’re all human and connected and in this together, right?

PS2 Have you organised your art calendar/s yet for 2018 2019? Click this to go tony online shop and get yours… Sales are going healthily especially for August. #haveiprintedenough #limitededition #notprintinganymore

PS3 Can I get a virtual high-5 for *not* doing this little ramble as a list? Not that there’s anything wrong with lists at all – I do them often and I’ve a rant brewing about that! Stay tuned :)


Why I Love Paper Calendars in white text with a watercolour background, and featuring an art calendar cover with a thank you card photo.


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