Work in Progress: Pomegranate

Gorgeous gifted Autumn fruit leads to luscious still life!

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Mother Nature you surprising, wonderful thing!

Who could have know when our permaculture garden designer – and bold art calendar stockist – Nadja from Nadja’s Garden came around bearing a large pomegranate, that a colour still life was hiding inside? I didn’t!

I cut through the firm skin and beheld such rich colour I was drawn to begin a painting featuring the wonder! Here are some stages of the drawing process:

Two panels with early and later stages of drawing on a pomegranate still life. The hand is shown holding the dip pen in both panels


It’s not easy to hold the phone in my left hand and hover my right – without messing up the drawing!

Here’s a pic from somewhere in between those two ^^ of the drawing stage, including my salubrious equipment! The tablecloth is an inherited seer sucker (Note: not “See ya, sucker!” Haha!) cotton, and the blue flower and ikea circle cloth behind was pinned up before we had curtains with actual curtain rods to keep out that late Summer heat.

Here’s a little section of the artwork, finished. Click through to see completed and in entirety in my gallery shop. Or even make it your own if it’s calling to you!


What’s your feeling when you look at this?
(Seedy? Haha.)
I’d love to hear on Facebook or below in the comments.



Talk soon!
Much love,
Meg x o



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PS3 If you want to share this on Pinterest (please do), use this tall version!
Pomegranate still life in progress, with checked cloth and blue and white bowl


Work in Progress: Pomegranate — 2 Comments

  1. Pomegranites, grenadines, one of my favourite fruits. Your patience (not to mention dexterity) at drawing this wonderful object. I love them to look at just as they are with other treasures of mine to form a tableau, I love them to eat or drink, but most often they stay in a basket full of eclectic round objects after they lose their gloss, and then I may toss them for my under exercised Kat to chase.
    I hope to see you feature a pomegranate artwork in your new exciting project

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for writing, and for sharing where pome fruit fit into your world of tableaux and kitties! (I’m keen for suggestions for future Prints of the Month, so that’s good to know!)
      Have a great week. Love Meg x o

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