Pictures 11-20 of my 100 Pictures Project

How was your April, dearheart? I’m travelling nicely along with my 100 Pictures Project – gradually seeing the body of work adding up! And some have gone to wonderful loving homes already! #honoured

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Header for 100 Pictures Project work in progress blog post. An e-collage of Sunny dog, Barbara Kingsolver quote colouring page, and Arcs and Iridescence nasturtium painting with hand lettered looking header text.

Click the images below, bold soul, to check out the full picture and story in my gallery shop if you want to learn more or own one freshly created. Here are the pictures from:

11 to 20 in my 100 Pictures Project

Two hand-lettered quotes from my 100 Pictures Project, with a blue background. Imagery is by Tangerine Meg; quotes are from Barbara Kingsolver

11 and 12 are Barbara Kingsolver quotes. After fan girling at Adelaide Writers Week, getting one of my Kingsolver books signed [Prodigal Summer if you’re playing along :) ] I looked up Twitter to see and she’s spoken on this theme previously and articulately. I found her talk inspiring, optimistic and galvanising.

“If you love your biodiversity, you can save it.”

“So much is still alive. You still, we still, have so much to love. Please don’t give up on this world.”

~ Barbara Kingsolver

black and white dog art on left, and handcoloured lino print of a young magpie on the right

13 Sunny Dog – no question – and I’ve met her! #lucky I loved figuring out how to try to make her black and white fur markings with lino, and had fun making her a stand-alone image (no background), which is a change for me…

14 Young Magpie. I took a gazillion photos, before I had a decent one for reference… birds move fast, don’t they?

2 pictures. The left vibrant with orange blue and green, a still life with china object and nasturtium background. The right a black and white line drawing and lettering with a Madeleine L’Engle quotation.

15 Arcs and Iridescence. Arcs of butterfly flight and arcs of china. Iridescence of china and butterfly wing scales. Tangerine Man picked up those similarities and formed this picture title :D

16 Madeleine L’Engle quote lettering/drawing. Gosh, have you seen the movie *A Wrinkle in Time*? I loved it so much that I got the book from the library to re-read :) Turns out Oprah is featuring this quote in many of her interviews, too.

“Find your own frequency.
And have faith in who you are.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

2 artist pictures. The left a tabby cat with patterned background; the right a blue and white vase holding zinnia flowers.

17 Kedi the temple tabby. A Bold Soul sent me a cat picture to paint and I was inspired by turkish patterns for the background.

18 Zinnias from Lucy. Lucy is a young farmer who offers flowers along with greens and other edibles… I think she grows them near the food crops to help keep good insects around.

Header image with butterfly lino prints on left half, and a hand drawn mandala on the right half.

19 Delicate. Delicate but strong. This butterfly saved itself from the wild wind. Click the picture to see in my gallery shop and read the whole story.

20 Mandala with 4 circles. Listening to a holistic kind of doctor on a podcast – I’d just listened to the start – and I was inspired to make a circle with four segments kind of round drawing.

See them all – maybe even get one for yourself! – at the 100 Pictures Project in my online gallery shop. In fact if you go there, you’ll see all the way to 22 ‘cos I’m scrambling to keep my blog up with art progress!

Thanks for being here!

I appreciate you. Mwah! Have a lovely week!

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


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