Pictures 21-32 of my 100 Pictures Project

How’s your May so far, dearheart? I’m kind of up to date with my 100 Pictures Project, kind of scrambling to keep the scanning, sizing, recording, showing of my art up with the actual *making* of the art! This blog post will remedy that in part. Crikey! So much behind the scenes-ing!

Collage of 5 artworks for header of 21-32 work in progress blog post of 100 Pictures Project

Click the images below, bold soul, to check out the full picture and story in my gallery shop, if you want to learn more or own one freshly created. Here are the pictures from…

21 to 32 in my 100 Pictures Project

Painting of a black labrador decorated with leaves and flowers and bunting - art by Tangerine Meg

21 Molly (Black Labrador). I’ve been practising observing, drawing and painting dogs. This time I continued my dogs-on-white-paper experiment I started with Sunny last month. Click the picture to view &/or purchase in my gallery shop.

black and white cat lino prints drying

22 Pierre is a friend’s cat. She has 4 beautiful cats (and several alpacas – how cool is that?) so stay tuned, there may be more in this series-within-a-series! Click the picture if you want the only other remaining print!

the left area of the image is a white drawing on black paper of a small section of garden, on the right is some hand drawn lettering of the words "loved, grateful, enough, nourished" in black line on white paper

23 and 24 are are pen drawings done A4 sized, in visual diaries. There were several pages of other drawings on the black paper… I got kind of obsessed with the white gel ink lines and carried on and on. Let me know if you like the idea of the garden drawing as a t-shirt design… The black pen drawings on the right are intended to be a set of bookmarks. Stay tuned on that!

at left an almond blossom cat and at right is a pink bottle with 5 feathers, all done in pen and watercolour

25 and 26 Almond Blossom Cat and Feathers in Pink Glass. While looking forward towards the Almond Blossom Festival at Willunga this coming August, this little blossom covered critter piped up and wanted to visit. The feathers in pink glass were calling to me too, from the shelves of my studio. As with Molly above, I kept up my recent, curiosity/practise of leaving the surrounds unpainted. Believe it or not, it takes quite a strong will!

Click the picture above or below to check out the whole 100 Pictures Project page, or click the text links (purple text where your mouse turns into a hand) for the specific pictures.

27 and 28 Heading Home and Three Sunflowers. Click the image to go see the 100 Pictures Project in my gallery shop, and read about the green sheen chicken. Three Sunflowers is sold, but you can give it a good look while you’re in the 100 Pictures Project section, too.

Artwork in progress, with detailed cup and saucer drawing in progress, and at right, a lino print of joy in the sunshine

29 and 30 Cup and Saucer with Blossom and Sol Energy. Click the picture to check out the Still Life, completed. The joyful-person-in-the-sun lino print run isn’t completely painted yet, but you’ll find it on the 100 Pictures Project page, potentially awaiting guidance from you on the colour of the pants!

31 and 32 Ocean Spirit and Laughter Negotiation Kindness. Mama Ocean’s print run is almost painted. You can see 4 of the 5 skin tones, including ocean green… the top right one is the most finished. The hand lettering is a fervent 3 word wish for a share house: “Laughter. Negotiation. Kindness.”

See them all – maybe even get one for yourself! – at the 100 Pictures Project in my online gallery shop. In fact if you go there, you’ll might see more finished than were as of the writing of this blog post!

If you’re playing along at home, this is how my chart is progressing compared to the first day I drew up the boxes:

At left is a pristine chart on blue paper with a 10 x 10 grid of themes down the left hand side and numbered 1 to 10 across the top, at right a hand holds the same chart months later with many ticky boxes filled in!

Visible progress right? I was feeling regretful that I was all Behind the Scenes and no New Art this past week or so, but the progress chart is cheering me up now!

Thanks for being here!

I appreciate you. Mwah! Have a lovely week!

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


PS Print of the Month for May is *Thea (Rainbow Goddess)* a rainbow kitty radiant with love and light. The full collection of limited edition prints is available here. The giclee prints fit into standard A3 frames, and are fabulous reproductions of my art – the colours and accuracy of the prints are superb!

PS3 Click this to see my Pinterest board with tips for Art Collectors!












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