7 Easy ways to drink more water

Do you want to drink more water – keep up your hydration through Winter – but struggle to fit in those sweet clear drops amongst the busy-ness of your day? Perhaps these personally tested tips will help…

A glass with water and light reflected in it, with pansies in the background adding colour

[Note that I’m not a medical professional or health coach (if you need one of those, contact Yaisa) just a human with a body – lucky! – following the best recommendations I can find, who’s set up a few handy habits that may be of some use/inspiration. Hope so.]

7 Easy Ways to drink more water

  1. Have a drinking vessel that’s just yours so your housemates/family don’t throw off your numbers by sharing it. Refill that as soon as you drink it down, so it’s easily ready when you next reach for it. And…
  2. … keep plenty of water on hand ready to pour into your glass. A tap? Perfect! A filter jug (or some other kind of filtration system)? Great! A water tank? Lucky, that can be pretty clean (in most places) as it’s plain rain. [I hear ya if you’ve bird fr*ckers on the roof dirtying it all up – we do too, hence all the mentions of filtering!]
  3. Use a bigger glass if you can. Even just a little bigger. I noticed using a smaller glass it was easy to accidentally drink less over the course of a day, when I was wanting to keep my hydration up-up-up. You’ll intake more, just by drinking the same number of glassfuls!
  4. Drink water when you are doing specific Always Do Them tasks. I think that’s called habit stacking? Add your drinking water habit to the things. For example, drink water when you’re getting up, drink water when you’re taking vitamins (that’s easy ‘cos you need the water to swallow the supplements!) Drink water when you’re about to go to bed (start the night well hydrated). This will quickly lift your tally per day.
  5. Get the cleanest water you can. I’m very lucky to have and enjoy rainwater – filtered of course!
  6. Keep water at the temperature you like best. If you like cold cold water, keep it ready in the fridge (if you have one)! I like it at room temperature so I store 5 litres or so in a camping container ready to access. It even has a little tap.
  7. Practise savouring and enjoying plain water. No bubbles. No sugar. No flavouring. This works well with our human bodies!

Still life with a sprig of wattle in a small yellow jar


As I wrote this, I realised I’m in a privileged position: I have a water tank, a roof, a working pump and a series of filters – the trickiest part is keeping up good habit-izing of my intake. I’m privileged even when I assume you also have several different sized drinking vessels to choose from! [If not, op/thrift shops are a potential source, if you’re lucky enough to have such a source nearby and a few dollars for a new glass, cup or jar.] How ridiculously lucky I am to take these human necessities for granted!

I’m guessing if you have a computer and internet access to read this with you might also be lucky enough to have clean water to drink.

What can we do to help someone who mightn’t have the good fortune to access clean water?

We support TPRF to bring nutrition and hydration to persons who need it, and I’m amazed by all the wonderful ripple effects. Check out a wonderful set of new videos in their World of Difference appeal, ‘specially the one about the Food for People program that we support: Sustenance and Sustainability (or watch below, tech permitting).

Shop art in my gallery shop to join in contributing via Bold Art for Bold Causes!

Have you got other hydration habits to share?

Do tell. And let us know how you go!

Have a hydrated and joyful week, bold soul!
Love Meg x o



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