7 Reasons I adore Artwork on Paper!

I love*love*love artwork on paper! Here’s why …Handcoloured lino print of a joyous woman under the sun with her cat, overlaid with type reading “7 Reasons I Adore Artwork on Paper”

7 Reasons I adore artwork on paper, ‘specially watercolours

  1. The sheer variety of possible artworks on paper. In my own work, I do watercolours and lino prints. In my down time I draw on visual diary pages and cut up magazines for collages. There are plentiful art techniques using watercolours and more wonderful kinds of printing and other art that I appreciate by others. What about those amazing Altered Books, cut paper illustrations, paper making … oh, so many more than I can mention here…
  2. The way the colours sing in the light feels so alive! Breathing, almost. Not stuffy.
  3. Painting on great paper is quite simple, a bit primal … the rough ‘tooth’ of the surface, the watery flow of colour. You can choose to let putting paint and brush to watercolour paper ‘force’ you to be in the present moment.
  4. Rag paper is 100% cotton. It biodegrades if you wanna get eco about it. Which we do.
  5. It’s bold. When painting with watercolour on paper, you’re committed. You can’t press undo – there’s no apple-Z (or control-Z) for this kind of art! And, if you start getting addicted to whole lot of erasing you’ll bring only destruction to the surface of the paper. No return. Frequently surrender!
  6. I think it’s the light shining *through* the paint that makes it glow…
  7. Affordable, original living artists’ artworks make a fresh, valuable addition to a Works on Paper wall of curious beauty, grouped beside the stairs or on the wall behind a reupholstered lounge chair.

Work in progress on an artwork on paper . Hand shown painting bottlebrush leaves.

Click either of the pictures above to see them in my gallery shop … maybe even make one your own!

Hassles with framing your artwork on paper?

Canvas paintings are often quite robust … artwork on paper needs great framing and particular care to last well. If that makes you a bit cautious, go ahead and download my free printable new art collectors guide to framing, How Do I Frame my Lino Print? for new Art Collectors tips.

Do you have a massive crush on artwork on paper, too?  What do you love about it?

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o :)


PS Print of the Month for July is *Bottle with Bottlebrush* which you can see me painting in the afternoon sun, in the picture above. Click this to check Bottlebrush out as Print of the Month (July 2018). First come first served: click this to invest in the one of a kind Watercolour!

PS2 Perhaps you’d enjoy my Pinterest board about collecting art, particularly artworks on Paper.

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