Pictures 39-48 of my 100 Pictures Project

Wow! It’s December! How’s your 2018 been so far, dear heart? [It aint over ’til it’s over, right?]

I’m half way through my 100 Pictures Project and this is the latest gather up! Click this to see the finished pictures in my online shopHere’s the original project explanation in which I optimistically think I’ll complete it in one year! Har har har! << Hearty Laughter of Hindsight :D

The past 2 months have been full of surprises, and I’m grateful I’ve been able to continue slowly, surely on this project …

Picture 39 – *Erick* – Custom Cat

Happy cat owners taking delivery of their custom cat portrait

How are my customers so completely delightful? They really are. [I must ask Rosalie where she gets that gorgeous mauve hair dye from.] This is the human ‘owners’ [cat servants, you and I both know I use the term loosely] of beautiful Erick collecting their framed Custom Cat portrait commission. Mwah!

40 Luna’s Garden and 41 Heinz the Jack Russell cross

Project in progress image, with black cat under a night sky at left, and painted happy dog at right; overlaid with text reading “100 Pictures Project” and the URL

I’ve been wanting to do nasturtiums on a kitty for a while now – #mixandmatch – and Luna is where it happened. As I aim for 10 dog pictures in this project, the friendly chap on the right is a fit character I met at the beach … funnily, I already knew his owner!

42 You are my Audrey

2 You are My Audrey drawings - one with print and one with connected writing

The Facebook community around Osher Gunsberg’s podcast know what this means!
I haven’t decided which writing for ‘Audrey’ I like better. First thought I’d like the print, but now I think I like the loopy! Which do you like better? I might even re-draw… #workinprogress

43 Sunny Afternoon and 44 Decorated Hand drawing

I like that these two are both intricate and spacious. I feel I’m better at drawing feet than hands, but this hand practise drawing turned out better than I expected, ‘specially once it’s decorated. Lucky me to have one hand for drawing with and another hand to draw (which I did while on vacation)! The still life, Sunny Afternoon, definitely gives off a sunny afternoon vibe … Meet me at a market/open garden and see it in real life, and you’ll see what I mean!

45 Feel Like Me and 46 Find Humility before Humility Finds you and 47 Light within you.

Two and a half drawings in black pen. Maybe too colour? We'll see...

These are part of a drawing phase when I arrived home from my vacation. Since then my world has offered many (big) surprises, which I may elaborate on once things have died down a little. Just half of the drawing on the right is revealed deliberately as it was for a bold soul friend who made her rainbow journey. She certainly hasn’t left our hearts, and it feels like it’s at least half private … It reads: Light within you. Blessings upon you. Love flying to you. The first of those three was a wish for a particular day (a variant on Words of the Day) and the middle one is generally a good thing to keep in mind!

48 Pointy flower and 49 Illusion of Separateness!

line drawings, part of Tangerine Meg's 100 Pictures Project

Misspelled. Then repaired.

See how I misspelled ‘separate’ with an e instead of the first ‘a’ (middle section)? D’oh! Lucky there is Photoshop!

What’s next?

The next #100PicturesProject picture – number 50! – is a portrait of another gorgeous kitty … Can.not.wait to show you! Being a Custom Cat portrait the ‘owner’ gets to see it first. Keep an eye on my instagram and facebook pages. I feel like this cat portrait process would be a contender for a reality show, with a big reveal at the end – after a cliffhanger / ad break of course! :)

Let me know if you want me to bring a particular card, picture or calendar for you to a market … sometimes I simplify pack/set up and we don’t want the-thing-you-can’t-stop-thinking-about left behind! Think of it as an in-person “click and collect” service!

South Australian bold souls: if you’re out and about in Adelaide city this Monday, you might like to check out the launch of the Safe Harbour project.

Have a great week with lots of gratitude, cat cuddles and peace in your days!

Talk soon!
Love Meg x o


PS One of the small things we do that add up over time is that our contribution to TPRF humanitarian aid has just cracked $6000. Wow! Go us! The reports of success of the Food for People Project are heartwarming and wonderful.

PS2 Time to order your 2019 calendars? See below to order if technology permits or go here. The themes are: Bold Women, Cats, Plenty and Backyard (<< that one’s for your Aussie ex-pat friends who have everything).

PS3 If you want original art & prints or numbered Giclee Prints for gifts, order this week is you possibly can, so the wings of the postal service/s can get them to you in time! Many originals are reduced by $50 so you can get the art and get it framed for under $500. #indieartcollecting

PS4 Are lino prints really original art? I answer that query here. (Spoiler: yes!)

PS5 How come so many of my gifts on my pinterest gift board are t-shirts lately? #expressyourself


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