Picture 56 in my 100 Pictures Project: Hafiz quote

“Your heart and my heart are
very, very old friends”
~ Hafiz

Does that quote just warm your heart right in the cosy centre? Me too…

This hand-lettered and decorated quote is number 56 my #100PicturesProject! Finished last year (when the world was another place), it’s been scanned, coloured and made into greeting cards! Woot!

Does this artwork resonate with you or remind you of a dear friend or family member? Click the picture ^^ to find them online in my Art Card shop.

Thinking about friends, family and all of humanity, maybe it’s a good time to reinstate some pen pal habits and send a ‘snail’ mail … always fun!

Talking about hearts and connection …

… have you sent in a Found Object Heart picture for my 2020 Collective Heart Project? I’d love to add yours to the collection. We already have more than a dozen, and a few are featured below!

Click this writing or the heart pics below to see the details of the project, and join in today. I’ll delay the project wrap up maybe an extra week because it’s taken me a while to get this blog post out!

Why am I doing this right now, when the world is a different place? Because I’m doing what I know how to do. << Thanks for putting that into words, Austin Kleon and Fiona Apple.

Want to add to the loveliness? Click one of the heart pics to go check out the details… there’s a short (the kids are swarming) version, and a longer version :D

I’ll share some more this week on my Facebook and Instagram. In a week I’ll collate into a something – maybe a slide-show style video? Like when we made this.

While we’re in lockdown thinking about stuff …

… let’s think about not returning to what we were doing before. Let’s not go back to (the same) “normal” because, as wise people are saying, “Normal was the problem”.

I listened to this fascinating podcast interview – Osher Günsberg with Margaret Klein Salamon from The Climate Mobilisation – recorded before the pandemic was at the forefront. She asserts that the eco folk have been lying to us too: in fact we can’t fix the climate emergency gently or moderately, because we’re already so far along the path. I’m shocked but I see what she means.
Ultimately, though, it’s an optimistic outlook: we can transform. (We just proved it.)

Wash your hands dear heart, we need you strong and true.
Love and light,
Meg x o

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