I want to come to your drawing and painting lessons … but first, can I ask you something?

What do you want to ask, dear bold soul?

I’ve replied to a few questions privately, and here are some other questions answered by students, quoted with permission.

What if I can’t draw?

A student from Block 1 this year [all that time ago before COVID] wasn’t confident that she could draw. She decided she would “watch, listen and have a go (and was) surprised by the results”. Go you, H from the Fleurieu, giving it a go! She also said the lessons were “relaxing, enjoyable and (she got) great encouraging comments”. She’d recommend the lessons as being “fun, interesting and a (giving a) great sense of achievement.”

S from the Fleurieu, said my “layman’s language made it really accessible” and it was “so doable”. She felt “calm and capable of doing it”, that it would turn out in the end.

What if I’m not good enough?

“Relaxed approach. No demand or expectation of perfection”, said M from the Fleurieu, “These are great lessons for overcoming fear of drawing and painting”. Someone else said the lessons gave her “time out from the distractions of everyday life” and “freedom to play”.

Thank you so much

M from the Fleurieu said “(Meg): you really have a wonderful approach to helping people engage in art. And a beautiful, generous, kind presence”. Others commented that “Meg creates a supportive and very enjoyable space to freely create and enjoy art,” and “Meg is a natural teacher. She is clear and playful; accomplished and welcoming; and paces the classes perfectly”.

I’m not sure that I have time

When you’re scheduling your weeks and your trips, check here for the dates and see if they work for you. For Block 2 we went online. But now we’re ba-a-a-ack!

S from the Fleurieu says the classes are: “informative, relaxing, challenging, creative”, noting that  “everyone sees things differently – every picture is different”. Another benefit was “meeting people from different backgrounds. Would she recommend the classes to others? Yes, they were “fun, relaxing, (and) confidence building”.

D from the Fleurieu enjoyed the “new – bold and colourful – techniques”, the “nice afternoon with good company” and found the lessons “fun and not too daunting”.

Fortunate legacy

In the art world I grew up in, I was lucky to be taught and mentored by Ruth Tuck and her wonderful, mostly women, teachers. They modelled (and still do) being a working artist, how to see and appreciate and having a good work ethic. It’s a rich and important legacy for me, and I hope I can share a little of it.

Was this helpful?

I hope this was encouraging! If you still have questions, not covered here or on the Drawing and Painting lessons info page, contact me via the contact page

If it sounds like a fit for you, come join us!

Sound good? if yes, put on your Frida earrings and book yourself in for a lovely series of creative afternoons in 2020. Click this to book in and join us! There are 3 spots left in the August block and 4 spots left in the October block, as of this writing.

Speak soon!
Meg x o


PS If you’re in Adelaide, South Australia and want to visit >>> *Plenty 20*, my SALA Festival exhibition <<< click that link for more details! We’ll be in the on-line SALA program soon…

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