Let’s visit Mockingbird Lounge

Mockingbird Lounge is a second hand book shop and more!

Did you know? My SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival 2020 exhibition of still life paintings, *Plenty 20* is at a wonderful book shop and café in Glenelg South called Mockingbird Lounge?

Mockingbird Lounge is a cosy café, community space, secondhand book shop, art gallery and gift shop, where almost all walls are full of books (except for the exhibition area in the main hallway) and the rooms are full of book clubs. In the café they use actual china cups and saucers, just like you’re at home. Beautiful and planet friendly.

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SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival

Aren’t we fortunate (and it’s not just luck, folks put a lot of work in) in South Australia to have SALA – an actual Living Artist’s Festival, celebrating creativity as a month-long community practise?! The format is a little different this year, with some extra creativity coming in to play due to COVID pauses and practises. Usually there’s a small newspaper guide of hundreds of exhibitions and thousands of artists. This year the guide and some of the art itself is online.

Lucky for me, with a COVID plan, my exhibition is happening in the physical location that is Mockingbird Lounge. By the way, if you want first dibs on any of the 12 framed paintings, go to my exhibition page up to August 6th where you can pre-purchase the pictures. From August 7th to September 3, visit the exhibition in person!

Plenty 20

When I’m feeling ‘flat’, I tend not to paint … maybe I walk or write, to try to untangle thoughts and worries … When I’m painting, I’ve made it through the writing, wandering and pondering, and there’s a genuine buoyancy that’s embedded in the artwork. I named my exhibition Plenty 20 to remind myself and viewers about gratitude and sheer good fortune for our Australian abundance of fresh fruit and garden flowers, colours and patterns a record of every day plentitude. Basics perhaps, but like Tara Schuster says, “The basics are the luxury”.

I’m grateful to be alive and well. How are you doing?

Speak soon,
Meg xo


PS Sign up today if you’re thinking of taking some art lessons with me. We start again on August 6th (3 spots left as of this writing) for 5 weeks. The final block for the year starts on October 1 (4 spots left). We have a COVID plan in place and are returning to our first venue.

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