Picture 59 in my 100 Pictures Project: a hand-lettered quote of optimism

Greetings from early July, 2020! A significant part of Australia is back in lockdown, while other parts, mine included, are getting to stretch our wings a little again. Gotta keep up physical distancing and hand-washing though. (And then moisturising hands ‘cos sanitisers and everyone else’s soap doesn’t agree with my skin so much.)

I love this quote

This optimism-plus-effort quote is always relevant, and no more than now…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful caring citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead

Looking at our issues with that bit of perspective gives me hope. We don’t all have to do a lot, but a few banded together can make a real difference. This quote is big and clear on my Bold Art for Bold Causes page too … seems salient with our ongoing humanitarian contributions.

Did you hear this podcast with Eytan Lenko? His big plans could solve lots of big problems at the same time. I also loved this conversation with Rutger Bregman. #sharinggoodstories Cheers for the super timely interviews, Osher Günsberg!

A LOT is going on and needs addressing. And, nobody benefits by us not sharing our creations, our beauty, our joy. Here’s what I’ve been making…

Bright Still Life Paintings

My 2020 SALA art show is coming up, running August 7 – Sept 3, at Mockingbird Lounge, Glenelg South! ^^^ Click ^^^ link for details.
We’re doing a wine/coffee and cafe food (purchase what you prefer from the cafe area) launch evening on Friday August 7, 5-9pm and you’re invited! There are no speeches so roll up for a while any time between 5 and 9. Wear your flower crown if you like :)

Calendars and Cards (and price breaks for early birds)

Scroll down on my *Plenty 20* exhibition page to check out the exhibition-matching 12 card packs and calendar art – and preview the paintings!
The exhibition card packs are $54 $50 until Sunday July 12, 2020 (Australian Central Standard Time). No code required.
There’s an early bird price break if you order 3+ calendars by Sunday (sign up to my mailing list for the member’s code and sweet freebies.)

Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market is back

Are you able to get to Willunga, South Australia this Saturday? WAHM (Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market) has a COVID plan, and we’re back at the Old Show Hall this week! Looking forward to seeing everyone again, albeit with plenty of extra hand washing and physical distancing.

See you soon!
Love Meg x o

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