Pictures 63, 64 and 65 of my 100 Pictures Project

Ducking in to say hi [Hi!] and catch up on the records of my #100PicturesProject. In real time, I’m already in the 90s of the project – nearly finished! [In future, I’m gonna take on more ‘wieldy’ projects!]

Picture 63: Green cup and Child’s Daisies


This was inspired by a soft yet rich coloured, just-right-size-for-hands mug – an op shop find. When offering guests a choice of cup for their tea, it often gets chosen! The daisies were a gift from a neighbour… so tiny that their vessel is a nice old china egg-cup! This assemblage prompts a memory of a moment in life… The original is available for sale as of this writing, so if it draws you in, go check it out in person at Artworx Gallery Goolwa!



Pic 64: Hafiz quote: “An awake heart…”

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”

~ Hafiz

Ooh, Hafiz said some joyful human things, didn’t they? This quote does warm my heart… Yours too?


Picture 65: Still Life with Gourd

The gourd really was an amazing sight of orange-red and yellows – next to the pinks of the fabric it became a colour party! Naturally some delightful nasturtiums joined the still life set up too. The original of this vibrant painting sold at my 2020 SALA Exhibition. If you’re interested in a print, let me know :)

Calendar update

Due to South Australia’s recent snap little lockdown (to stem a potential delta variant getting loose), calendar production has been a little delayed. I’m now scheduled to pickup  the 2022 Bold Art Calendars later this week! Hoorah! If you’ve already ordered yours, you can pick it up this Saturday at Willunga Artisans Market (SALA event). 9am-1pm at the Willunga Show Hall.
Or, click this to order your 2022 Bold Art Calendar here at my website and I’ll post it to you early next week!

Hope you’ve done ok in lockdown if you’ve been in it again – or are in it again ugh – and hopefully it’s quietly getting towards a tipping point of vaccinated people where you are. [I got my second dose on Monday. Hoorah!]

Light and peace,
Meg :)

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