Numbers 66, 67 and 68 of my 100 Pictures Project

Welcome to the next instalment!

I’m in the 90s of this project (in real time (woot – almost at the finish line!)) and slowly, surely catching up (in blog time)! Join my mailing list to be first to see my latest creations – next newsletter I’ll share fresh new nasturtium still lifes… I hope you like nasturtiums too, ‘cos I don’t seem to get sick of them!  :)

These three pictures were completed in early 2020 and a couple are featured in calendars…

66 Gum Blossom and Geometry

Some intuited geometrics in the background make me think of my mentor, Ruth Tuck. She was a teacher of both art and maths. I like that. It reminds me that they are not mutually exclusive realms. (It’s gonna take all of us, working together, not, “Oh, I’m this and you’re that and never the twain shall meet…”)

If this bold art is calling to you, the original is available now (unframed as of this writing). Contact me if you’d like a closer look in real life, and I can bring it to Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market for you this Saturday. Or, if you’re interstate/overseas, I can hook you up with a link and postage info…

67 Wavy Glass and Marimekko

Helping a friend clear out her barn blessed me with this wonderful wavy glass piece with its own combination of reflection and refraction.

This picture was included in my 2020 exhibition Plenty 20 (just after South Australia’s first wave of lockdown last year!) and bold souls with the 2021 Plenty Calendar will know this picture from the March page.

If this picture resonates with you and you’d like to give it a good home, the original is available now for AUD $525 including (already done) custom framing. Message me and I can bring it to Willunga Artisans Market for you to pick up! Great wedding, engagement or housewarming gift! :D


68 Bonnie – custom cat portrait


Watercolour Portrait of a ginger black and white kitty, seated on a newspaper, with green beans laid out behind her. background is stripes and there’s a decorated border at the top

Isn’t Bonnie a gorgeous cat?

Being a commissioned cat portrait this dear kitty painting has already gone to her fur-ever home.

Bonnie is featured in the Blue Cat Friends calendar of 2022 :)


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The 2022 Bold Art Calendars are out in shops and galleries! If you want to research first, click this to check them out online!

Be.Slower. More lockdowns, Mother Nature and what are we doing?

I put up a post that said:

Mother Nature is probably going to keep Slowing Us Down until we understand that we need to Be.Slower.

I imagine Mother Nature has more variants up her sleeve if she needs to make her point!

Personally, much of my creative work is reasonably self-contained, and I was able to utilise (even enjoy?) the snap short lockdown in SA a few weeks ago. After I brought a bit more Organised to my studio, I somehow found the brain space to complete a started-2-years-ago kitty picture! Yey! It has sold and gone to a good home – like a kitten – and you’ll see it here when I’m introducing number 91 of my #100PicturesProject … Or, in a week or so if you’re on my mailing list. :)

Still working on the idea of clearing the decks for ones self and only doing what you can do. “It takes as long as it takes.” Haha. I’m working on it!

Side note: Phones are innocuous-looking little slabs, aren’t they?

Speak soon!
Meg :)



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