Pictures 70, 71 and 72 of my 100 Pictures Project

Welcome, kindred spirit! Here are three more pictures in my 100 Pictures Project, this sunny afternoon! All have gone to good homes, as it happens…

70 – Pomegranates for Hannah – sold

Thinking of different times & situations, this still life includes a broad facsimile tribute to Hannah Cohoon’s intricate work The Tree of Life in the background, along with the wonderful colour of fresh pomegranates and lushly patterned fabric.

Researching for an art lesson early last year (immediately prior to the initial covid changes, though unbeknownst to us), I was reading about Hannah Cohoon, an artist in a Shaker community, in which often people did not sign their names to art they received in spiritual visions then created. Thankfully, Hannah did put her name to her picture so we can know about her now!

This painting sold (from Fleurieu Arthouse where I have a display panel) this Winter to a long time member of the bold tribe, who added it to her art collection.


Pic 71 – Garden Flowers (Yellows) – sold in 2020

Common garden flowers are one of my greatest inspirations! Yours too?

These marigolds and nasturtiums caught my eye, and inspired an informal still life. In the arrangement you can (just) see the marigold seeds scattered on the polka dotty fabric, too!

Alongside is a ripening pear :)

This one-of-a-kind watercolour went to a good home (ie. sold) in my Plenty 20 exhibition last year at Mockingbird Lounge.


Pic 72 – Kitty portrait from a photo: Boysie


This painting, of a friend’s dear kitty, Boysie, was completed in 2019, and the patterns allude to some of my friend’s interests!


What else is going to be happening?

  1. Art Lesson next Thursday! There are 4… wait, now just 2 … spots left (of 8) for the October 14 session … is one of them for you? Use the link to book your spot! Bookings close Sunday night or when the class is full, whichever is first.
  2. If you’d like to find out about new art and lessons first, sign up to get my artist eNewsletter, [Tangerine Juice], which flies mostly monthly-ish from the heart of my studio direct to your inbox!
  3. 2022 Calendars – have you got yours? They’re available in stores (click this link to find a stockist) and online.
  4. The October Willunga Artisans & Handmade Market is this Saturday. I’m not going to be at this one… if you want anything from me before the end of October, message me, and you can pick it up from another stall holder. Julia L, please contact me about your order (back in July) of a 2022 calendar – I don’t have your contact info! Do you know a Julia L <3 who ordered a 2022 calendar a month or two back? Please can you ask her to reach out?
  5. I’ll be at a Halloween Cat Show (real cats, and a Halloween theme) on Oct 31. And another cat show on November 7. More about those soon…
  6. Which brings us back to November Willunga Artisans & Handmade Market on 13 November … it’s not far off!
  7. I’ve been accepted into the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery Sixth Street Handmade Makers Market…  14th November, 10am – 3pm. That’s a fun day!


Fingers Crossed

Hopefully everything will somehow be ok. Or maybe it already is? Despite the impression we gain from watching the “news” and hearing about political and capitalist shermozzles, there are LOTS and LOTS of good people in the world, doing good things. … I’m going to keep practising noticing them, acknowledging them, supporting them! I know you do/will, too! Plus do our best to BE them!

For example, supporting makers and other local small businesses means a LOT. I like the Just a card message, which is:

JUST A CARD is a grassroots campaign on a mission to encourage people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses. Every sale, even just a card, is vital to their prosperity and survival.

Thanks for reading this!

Somehow, things are shit and things are wonderful too, right?
Take care!
Meg :)


PS How cool… I just read on Hannah Cohoon’s wiki page (linked to earlier) that:

She is mostly known for her paintings, but she also composed music.

What a legend!

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