Pictures 73 – 76 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hello lovelies! Thanks for being here!

Here are the next four pictures in my #100PicturesProject … these four have all gone to good homes (ie. sold) as it happens.

73 Picked Pears

I picked these pears, from a pear tree! Why is that noteworthy? Most of the other pears I’ve featured in paintings have been supermarket pears! Which are great. And, they often don’t have that extra bit of branch and leaf that is so delightful to draw.

Do you recognise that disrupted pattern of fly door that indicates a cat has claw-levitated it’s way up the screen?






74 Buerre Bosc Pears and Dahlias

Someone grew the dahlias in their garden and gave them to me.

After a delightful stretch of packham pear paintings I wanted to try a different type of pear. This type (great for cooking) are called buerre bosc … don’t they have a coolly distinct tall shape, and a different green colour than the packhams?

75 Grumpy Cat “Chilled and friendly”

This sweet beastie loved the garden and was super loved by its people. His name was Grumpy, but his nature was “…chilled and friendly” :)

76 Nasturtiums in Blue and White Vase 2

This is a classic one… with blue and white china and nasturtiums. i don’t seem to be the only one who appreciates nasturtiums. Many people say to me “I LOVE nasturtiums!” So. Do. I… with their specific scent and cheery profusion :)

That’s the thing with being a living artist. you follow your interests or curiosities, ie. nasturtiums, or cats or blue vases. By the time I’m an elder, there’ll probably be 5, 10 or a dozen completely different pictures with the same title, just numbered. My organisational software will be ‘chockers’ (full). Let’s give it a shout out… it’s called Artwork Archive and is made by a techy grown son for his artist mother, and subsequently has grown to serve other artists for their organising requirements – it’s just what I need to keep track of over 200 sold and unsold paintings, limited edition lino prints and giclee prints!

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Take care of yourself, and each other, ok?

Love and peace to you this fine day.
Meg :)

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