In gratitude of warmth, bare feet and new stripes

Hello Lovelies!
Hope your true boldness is fresh and real in your day :)

I like the idea of a gratitude post, or a gratitude jog or just being grateful for the little things that make us smile during the week. So, I’m linking once more with Liv Lane’s Bliss List Link Party :) I’m grateful for the prompt to notice things I am grateful for!

Things I have been warmed by this week:

  1. My new beautiful rainbow yak scarf (see above). Being wrapped in non-itchy, warm rainbow is just The Best Thing! After a few days, I’ve noticed: it ‘goes’ with everything! It’s from Daisy Mabel, she has other natural fibre hippie and home wears too! I love how if we do our own bit to make things better, that gradually we make things better. Good on you, Mel, you’re an inspiration!
  2. Still being able to go barefoot somedays
  3. The stripey rug above ^^. Hoorah! More stripes! It’s mostly wool (sheep I expect, this time, not yak), so it will be a warming presence with both its gorgeous colours and its woolliness! (This is a bit of a sneak peek at one of the new things to warm our ‘getting decluttered’ space – a discarding and rearranging process that’s still in progress. The progress is starting to be visible, which is quite delightful and also really changes the energy. I think that’s partly why it has to be done incrementally, so one can get used to it in stages.)

Bold Soul, let me know in the comments what you’re grateful for this week, or of any interactions with stripey things that have cheered you!

Have a lovely weekend, bold soul :) See you soon,
Love Meg x o


In gratitude of warmth, bare feet and new stripes — 6 Comments

  1. I love the bursting colors of your site – and your scarf and rug. It is clear you are an artist who loves the colors of our world. Enjoy the warmth!

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