Pictures 77 – 80 of my 100 Pictures Project

“I didn’t see that coming!”

Even after the past two years of covid and so much more, I’ve genuinely said “…I didn’t see that coming!” more in the past couple of weeks than I can remember ever before. A cluster of war, flooding, two iconic Aussie cricketers taking their final rainbow walks, along with unexpected things happening in my circles … it’s a lot.

And, hiding our light and our joy is not going to do anyone any good, so I’m proceeding here with my offering of the next in my 100 Pictures Project in the hope it may lift someone’s heart a little.

We’re caught up to 80 – woohoo! #smallstep #rightdirection I’m directing the 10% of proceeds from all direct-from-me sales towards Ukraine humanitarian aid, as always via TPRF.

77 – Quince and Crab Apples – SOLD

Do you have a tree of quinces, the old-fashioned fruit? Combined here with (not cherries but) crab apples, arranged on a few friendly, vibrant fabrics, allowing the pale yellow quinces to glow.

Are you familiar with quinces? Are you acquainted with their velvetty texture? Do you cook them? I’ve heard stories that if you bake them right they are divine…

This picture sold from/at my 2020 exhibition, Plenty 20.




78 – Rainbow Jazz – SOLD

This is a memorial painting of a dear kitty, Jazz, poised and alert in front of a rainbow quilt, with a xmas light string almost hidden in there.

This painting was completed before I took a step back from cat art commissions last Winter, and has gone to its ‘furrever’ home.







79 – Cherry Summer – SOLD

This still life features cherries – not crab apples this time! – in a joyful striped and leafy bowl, on a peace bird decorated surface, supported by a vibrant, print-like background pattern. 

This picture appeared in (and was the cover art of) my Plenty 2022 calendar.

When I gave a sneak peek of this picture to my eNewsletter “Tangerine Juice” subscribers, one of them bought it right away.
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80 – Still Life with Parsley

Parsley’s a dear, hardy plant, isn’t it? Readily grown and sown, the leaves we eat in salads and as garnish etc, are quite distinct compared to a ‘gone to seed’ seed head as featured here.

This still life features a sprig of going-to-seed parsley in a light-filled yellow jar. There are variations on Van Gogh’s favourite colours – blue and yellow – in the vase, foreground and background. This is a sunshiny painting which will glow on your wall all year round.

This painting is unframed, ready to frame and hang at its forever home and can be found at my Paintings and Prints page … 10% of proceeds of all sales, including this painting, go to Ukranian humanitarian aid.

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Don’t hide your light, dear heart. We so need it.
Love and peace,


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