Pictures 81 – 85 of my 100 Pictures Project

Woohoo! We’re catching up with the #100PicturesProject gradually … here are five more pictures :) And after scrolling through the artworks, there are links to some ideas worth sharing [podcast and article links] and a free shipping offer that goes until sundown on Sunday April 10, 2022.

[Later: D’oh! This group got to pic number 86, but probably best not to change the blog post title now…!]

Here’s some free shipping information, so it’s not ‘buried’ at the end

Use code “vip*Fri-pping” (without quote marks, copy/paste for accuracy so the technology works) for free shipping within Australia on all online card, fine art print and late-bloomer 2022 calendar orders over $50 placed by sundown on Sunday!

Here are the next paintings in the huge art project…

81 – You’ve Been Zeussed! – SOLD

Many of you have said how much you’re enjoying the Zeus portrait in the 2022 calendars. The original of this celebratory cat portrait has gone to it’s furr-ever home … here’s a picture of it on the gallery wall of the owners’ home. How sweet does that kitty’s pup friend look? Awww…

82 – Paws in the Parsley Patch

When you have parsley and your’e obsessed by kitties… this is a thing that can happen. The favourite vase pattern has escaped and run riotously yellow, blue and floral on the cat at their picnic.

This is a pic that will bring sweetness and sunshine to your space. It’s available unframed right now – click this to read more. Snap up the sunshine at the old unframed price, $395!

83 – Florals Amidst Paisleys

A cheerful thrifted cup amidst delicious patterns – let your eyes wander and feast amongst the paisleys and florals.

This still life painting is a contender for my 2022 art exhibition… stay tuned for updates on that! Or click this text & hop on my mailing list so you hear first when I make that announcement!

84 – Trio of Pears

This pear still life painting will be in my 2022 Pear Shaped exhibition (<<< check out the webpage for details). It’s available now (framed) for pre-sale, ready for pick up at the start of September.

This might also be the cover of the next round of still life calendars … stay tuned on that front!

85  – Wassily Playing

I created this work for my FLOW(ER) exhibition in 2021, which was with the fabulous, indomitable Julie Frahm. This kitty painting is a response to Kandinsky’s work Squares with concentric circles combined with a super relaxed kitty. Kandinsky’s circles and squares were interpreted both smaller and plentiful (background), and sprinkled in various sizes. And on a cat. :)

This is available (in a white timber frame), also at the old price, $515 … Contact Me if you’re interested in this one for your very own, as it’s not yet on my website. … on my Paintings and Lino Prints webpage.

86  – Kandinsky’s Dream

Currently on display at AAH Aldinga, you may have seen it there in the front clinic, Fleurieu locals (Fleuri-ocals?) Gosh you could drink the nutritious vibe at that gorgeous place! This is a literal-response-plus-a-cat to Kandinsky’s circles on squares.

I think a friend wants this original painting for her own. I’ll let you know if it becomes available.

Several ideas worth sharing

  1. Sarah Wilson (on her Wild podcast) talks to Jason Hickel about the concept of Degrowth Economics. Now I’ve heard it I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve ordered the book from the library [can’t wait] though I already have a nice stack of books awaiting!
  2. Follow the money talked to Admiral Chris Barrie and got some fascinating answers on how Australia could do well to prepare for increasing disasters.
  3. This article about drawing with kids and talking about the Ukraine has ideas that would probably be beneficial for adults too, right?
  4. If you want to read about humans protecting the environment in Alaska, so that fish can keep up healthy populations, check out this article from Reasons to be Cheerful. Big, fascinating, a-maz-ing photos of something I’ve never seen in real life, and a relaxing beautiful underwater video (of fish swimming) that made me smile right in the middle of the article.

Hope you have a great month… take it slowly, and shine your light!
Meg x o



PS I’m not going to be able to be at the local art market this month. :(

PS2 Here’s that ‘lead’, again. Use code “vip*Fri-pping” (without quote marks, copy/paste for accuracy so the technology works) for free shipping within Australia on all online card, fine art print and 2022 calendar orders over $50 placed by sundown on Sunday! I’d buried the lead (if not the lead, then something of note) here, so went ahead and copy-pasted it at the top, too. Get free shipping, friends!


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