Pictures 86 – 90 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hello, delightful one! Welcome to the next instalment of my #100PicturesProject… We’re up to number 90 today… So.nearly.there…!

87 – Frida and Green

Continuing with the Let’s Set Creative Challenges for Ourselves process with myself and Julie Frahm (and our FLOW(ER) exhibition in 2021 at T’Arts Collective Gallery) … we couldn’t resist incorporating Frida inspiration with flowers and things glorious that are Mexico-inspired.

This was my second attempt at a ‘Frida Cat’ … Do you think it ‘reads’ as her? I was inspired by the iconic Vogue cover photo – do you know of it? [Click this to see the picture I mean, and read more about Kahlo’s self-aware branding/dressing on Vogue’s site.]



88 – Decorated Cat

This blue cat is focussing on her inner light, decorated with embroidery-like designs and jewellery inspired motifs.

Last year, for our exhibition, my friend Julie Frahm created on the same themes, including wonderful glass bead birds and flower earrings for the Frida challenge.

This picture has been popular as a card and a print. Which bold soul wants the original to enhance their happy home?

89 – Gloria’s Patterns

Say the title aloud, can you also hear Glorious Patterns?

I adore this kitty’s striped tail, and their heart patch :)

The link to native flora (the third of our three exhibition challenges) is that the background is inspired by some cool red pods I found under a gum tree, arranged into a pattern.


90 – Sill Life with Gum

This is the only still life and non cat piece I did for the FLOW(ER) exhibition … it’s kinda friends with Collected: Still Life with Feathers (sold). The structure of the pic is from the gum branchlets, the fabric and border are rainbow, the feathers likely from a common magpie and a corella …







Want to take a piece of my 2021 Exhibition home?

If you like any of the FLOW(ER) pictures and want a card of the image, I had a bunch printed! [Eep, maybe too many…Click this to order a handful of cards – they’re cheaper if you order ten or more (code is on the page).

I’m inexorably updating the available artwork on my website too. Along with all the pictures you see here today there are a few little, framed works available right now on my Paintings and Lino Prints webpage. There’s a ton of artwork there – a vertiable online art shop! Go check ’em out (^^^ use that text link, or the SHOP drop-down menu at top)!

What else is happening?

  1. I was proud of myself for adulting: I changed the smoke alarm battery, and (unrelated to that) bought myself a new phone and a better suited phone plan. I’m an apple person, and got a new-to-me phone, within my budget, more up-to-date than I’d expected! Hoorah! … On day 4, I dropped it on its corner on a gravel path! Haha, pride before fall. Fortunately it had a screen cover on it that was damaged and protected the shiny phone itself from damage. Moving forward, the shiny (surprisingly fast!) phone is now properly protected from all directions – and I’m being extra careful!
  2. I’m loving not being on social media much at all. I’m liking the more amiable rhythm of creating one or two blog posts and one eNewsletter a month. [Click this to sign up here, if you’d like to get the newsletters!] Because I’m not allowing socials to and time, I can think thoughts through more slowly, more carefully – more haphazardly even – and write/edit sentences for clarity and from-the-heart-ness. Not missing the doom scrolling and where-did-those-hours-go-I-need-the-loo/food/hydration, at all!
  3. Probably like all Australians I’m over the lies and nastiness leading up to the Federal election on May 21. [You too?] Did you know there’s no law that requires political ads not to be lies at the Federal level in Australia, right now? I’m not going to believe what parties say about each other. Frankly, I just want to hear their policies & get a sense of leadership intentions, not pay for smear campaigns paid for with our/my hard-earned taxes. [End of rant.]
  4. August – and with it SALA and my Pear Shaped exhibition – is/are moving inexorably closer… hop on my mailing list to be front row at the sneak peek reveals, and thus get first dibs when the one-you-didn’t-know-you-wanted shows up!

What’s happening with you?

Are you learning some good life stuff? What are you enjoying watching and reading?

Have a lovely week, see you soon!
Meg x o



PS Oops, Picture 86, Kandinsky’s Dream is in my previous blog post. I’m not going to retrace my steps and change that blog title now, because there are links to it and things would quickly get confusing. [Click this to see my Paintings and Lino Prints page where Kandinsky’s Dream is now available.]

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