Picture 61 in my #100PicturesProject: Health and Society

Welcome to the next piece of art in my 100 Pictures Project, and a time-stamp of what I’ve been listening to and thinking about lately…

Jidda Krishnamurti an interesting character. He said:

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.
~ Jidda Krishnamurti

It makes you think, right? … Are we aligning our activities, actions and even conversations with our own values and beliefs or with what we think ‘everyone’ expects of us (which ‘they’ largely don’t because they are busy with their own things!) Krishnamurti was bullied and beaten as a child … luckily someone thought he’d make a good leader and decided to protect him, and he went on to live a long life…

What are we doing to ourselves?

If we go back to what many people call normal [I’m not a fan of the word ‘normal’ myself] we’ll create the next pandemic. Or, the next <insert huge surprising-yet-predicted-by-scientists-years-ago global situation here>

Here’a a lovely graphic of Sonya Renee Taylor’s recent-ish thoughts on ‘normal’:

Here are two articles (one from Ohvec last April, one from medium) who refer to Sonya Renee Taylor’s ‘normal’ quote from different angles.

Our previous practises – the ones we say we want to return to – are ruining stuff. Not just random doesn’t-matter stuff, the actual air and soil and water and bees we rely on. We are so so connected. And, dependant on earth for our very survival. [Side note: have you watched Kiss the Earth on Netflix?] … Food for thought.

My favourite stuff right now

  1. If you like to tune in to conversations about sensibly caring for earth, climate change, mental health and more, you might like Osher Günsberg’s podcast Better Than Yesterday. Here’s a recent episode I enjoyed, with environmentalist policy writer, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. << click for more info and to listen
  2. Emily and Amelia Nagoski are twin sisters both with doctoral degrees, who are fun, smart company, refer frequently to pop culture, and have salient information for humans-who-live-in-the-world-who-have-bodies-and-stress. You too might like their podcast, the Feminist Survival Project 2020, in which they go through the info from their book, Burnout, in segments. I dearly want to listen to the podcast fast, but also need to take time between episodes to process new and valuable information! For a short read to get an idea what they talk about, here’s an online article similar to the Bikini Industrial Complex episode. [You are the new hotness.]
  3. I’ve become an ambassador for Jamie’s wonderful trio of Adelaide eco stores, EcoLateral … It’s awesome to know of and be involved with this emporium of beautiful vegan and otherwise eco things – I love that the chosen product range is so vegan that if products are not vegan it’s on the label! [I am not vegan but I appreciate the care to reducing damage to mother earth.]
    If you click this link and buy online, yey, you’re on the bold soul team… we accrue points with each purchase and when we get enough, I’ll nominate one of the donate-to-charity rewards. Sound good? Good. Join in if you want. No pressure though :)
    One of my favourite products is my dish-washing brush, with beautifully designed bamboo handle. When the bristles eventually get worn from use you swap out the replaceable brush head. I’ll share another fave item next time.
    You can use the code at EcoLateral online and at their stores at Magill, Brighton and  Blackwood. [All the links to EcoLateral online above are ambassador links. If you want a non-ambassador link click this.]
  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got Jamie in for the Bold Interview series? [Redacted this bit as was self-serving and probably annoying.] :) Here are a few other bold interviews.
  5. Aussies: though the intent is to keep older Aussies safe from covid, when they are in lockdown over the festive season, they might feel isolated … Would you like to send a message to older Aussies in care? You can send a message online here.


The first block of 2021 Drawing and Painting classes is now more than half full. I’m talking to venues about a few in-between dates, too … If you’d like to collage with me this January, check out the Vision Board sessions here. And here’s a post from 2017, in case you’re wondering: What even is a Vision Board?

Thanks for reading!
Talk soon,
Meg x o


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PS3 Love and peace, wonder human <3

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