Birthday Bold Art Project

Helloooooo lovely! I hope this finds you delighting, basking, knowing. I was off the computer earlier, transferring some files to avert a Start Up Disk Disaster… While off the computer I baked cookies, buried some bokashi compost, pulled some of … Continue reading

Get Up. Stand Up.

Dearest Bold Soul, I hope this finds you well, perhaps with flowers blossoming in your general vicinity and small birds foraging and chirping (but not also stars and spirals circling your head that mean you’ve been knocked out, cartoon-like). It … Continue reading

All creatures baked and tall

Hello you, you fabulous bold soul! Hugs! How’s your bold day going? In the last month or so, I’ve been helping with costumes for the local Fringe Opening Parade! Ta-daaa! This is where the promised penguins and giraffes enter the … Continue reading