4 Reasons why getting apricots pecked over by feathered scoundrels could be a learning experience

Hello Dear folks, My Facebook Status this week: “Survivor, Backyard Apricot Tree” Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. Rainbow Lorikeets 50, Me Zero. I’ll bet your birdy stomachs will ache – all the fruit you have pecked to shreds is green, green, green. … Continue reading

Writing, gardening, berry-ing, art planning

Dear blog siblings, Rebecca Leigh, the wonderful copywriter who wrote the text for my (Tangerine Meg Art Card shop) site has included my “pleased customer” comments on her updated site. I am chuffed! Gardening update Broccoli seedlings: happily settled in, … Continue reading

Ducks, Art cards, bokashi (that's more of a tag list than a title!)

Hi guys! Hope you have had a good weekend. The ducks at the “duck park” have been looking so content lately, with plenty of water in the ponds to keep them happy. And the gardens are getting green and recovering … Continue reading