Live Bold List 26: A Bold Little List of Bliss

Dearest Bold Soul, I hope you’ve had a good start to your day and have small sweet things to look forward to :) The phrase “Small sweet things” reminds me of in-season strawberries, ladybirds wings and tiny bows on tiny … Continue reading

Live Bold List 22: 6 Lessons from cats for humans, on sustainable living

Dearest sweetie-petals, I hope this finds you doing well utterly utterly famously. In these unsettled days of change, acceptance, softness, and huge full moons, I wondered if lessons learned from cats might be a good nurturing thing to consider… Live … Continue reading

Live Bold List 21: 6 Ways Art on my Tshirt makes me bold and happy

I’ve been doing it all wrong! (For a little while) Life, that is… My perspective somehow got nudged a teeny bit off, and I have been finding it hard to do things without painful self-consciousness… like getting a sinking feeling … Continue reading

Live Bold List 20: On the challenges and art of "de-cluttering"

Hello georgeouses! I hope you are going well in your world, like a fruiting apple tree jovially and easily doing what is natural and abundant for you :) In the interests of uncovering my lighty-light from under a bushel (what … Continue reading

Live Bold List 19: Wear red shoes and other ways to be a grown up girl

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are super well. And happy. Happy like a soaring bird in the warm sky :) This is my neighbour. She doesn’t usually wear bare feet – that’s artistic license! I drop in and visit her … Continue reading

Live Bold List 18: Sunshine, women, white flowers and courage

Good morning, Dearhearts! It’s about jolly time for a Live Bold List and the motif that has been brushing up against my leg asking for cat food is “White Flowers”. It doesn’t sound colourful enough for me to do white, … Continue reading

Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments of the Week

Greetings dearly beloveds! I hope you have had a beautiful week of life since we last spoke :) Here are some snippets that I got a kick out of, maybe you will too! Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments … Continue reading

For the love of stripes! Live Bold List 16

Hello Dearhearts! I hope you have had a wonderful week (or several weeks as the case may be!). After a technical hiccup that turned into 2 weeks of down-time, I have been happily busy. It’s time to write an appreciative … Continue reading