Autumn Activity

Greetings, dear Readers!

Thanks heaps for all your visits, the hit counter of this blog just stepped over 800! Wow, that sounds like a lot.

Good news! I got permission to show you the LiveTown items (flyer and signboard) once they are done. It is a (mainly) Graphic Design project I am doing for my RainDance friend, who is organising a series of live music events. I have been charged with giving these events a visual personality. I have also encouraged her to set up with a blog and so forth, I am such a techy-head! I will give you a link to the blog once there starts to be content. The artwork, however should be good to show you next week.
That is one of the things I have been doing that has precluded my printmaking advancing. It’s useful art though, I like designing.

The weather has been more constant and Autumny, rather than extreme and thought-provoking, which is a nice respite. My morning runs and walks have been made comfortable by the milder weather; and so enhanced by listening to the hopeful, original etown broadcasts, I can hardly tell you.

Take good care of yourselves,
(However much you don’t want to take on board what ads say, You ARE actually worth it!)

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