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Hello (maybe) arty (probably) bloggy (pretty sure you’re) humans (no offence to any other reading sentients or entities, all welcome)!

Firstly, I will give you a link to gouache at artslice which simply explains the difference between gouache and watercolours, and has a nice photo.

I am working on painting some prints. It is so lovely painting yellow, cadmium yellow to be exact (yummy-doodles). The smooth stroke of the brush and the colour materialises like liquid shiny sunshine. I just got the feeling to tell you that; in reality all of the colours give me a buzz, and when you put them next to each other…glee!

I was sorting out some prints and in doing so realised how many times I had printed “Joy Riding” in order to get the 9 that printed cleanly and blackly enough to be an edition. I counted them: 11 + the 9 good ones, + 3 APs (Artists Proofs – trials of progressing prints, in this case used to trial colours), so that’s 23. Crikey, it is a good thing I changed my mind from wanting to do an edition of 15!

I have changed track with Joy Dancing Within, remember her? I have been to-ing and fro-ing with the colour plan. The colour schemes (“stories” in fashion lingo) were originally to try to get the dress to stand out and contrast with the background. Now I am taking another tack, and intergrating the whole thing with lots of different greens, and maybe a sunny yellow background(!).

Quote of the day (attributed to Madonna): “The best thing about getting older is getting smarter”.

Keep your glass half full,

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