Happy to be home

Hi there treasured fellow mortals,

Thanks for your patience. I have been away and am just returned. I have dealt with the majority of the dozens of emails that arrived whilst I was away, and wanted to say “Hi” to you guys before I collapse and sleep.

Not a lot of running, on-line-fun or art-making has been going on for me this week. However, I did manage to be a little bit green by staying for one of the nights at a lovely eco-hostel in the Grampians, at Halls Gap. It was a bit of a shame to have to move on so quickly, but suffice to say some of my favourite aspects of life were in play there: community-building, being amongst nature’s beauty (Aussie bushland) and stepping lightly on the earth (ecological building design in action). I will post some photos when I get them developed. Funny old me… I used film! (When film is obsolete, what will I use for travel packs of shampoo and conditioner? Right now I use little plastic film containers.)

Take good care,
Kind regards,

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