Music, music and green oranges

photo of as yet unripe oranges on a treeDear bold friends,

Yes, oranges can be ‘green’ (unripe) – who would’ve thought?! Much work has already been done by the tree and surrounding nature (and hopefully all that lovely washing rinse water has played a part). Flowers have been visited by bees, fruit has set and grown, juiciness is building. Wonderful colour will alert us at just the right time, when the sweet-orangey-goodness-forming process is complete. Have you ever noticed that sometimes what seems like a fast and huge breakthrough is actually the result of a ton of time and work and effort? I choose to take this as a reminder (from the oranges!) that persistence is a virtue!

Music (1)
If you have not discovered the wonders of the podcast of the “E-Town” radio show, I can highly recommend it. It’s all about diversity, community, and connecting with the language of music that often goes beyond verbal language. I sound like a big hippie! Who me?! It’s a Feel Good listen, I love it for exercising or commuting. I was just listening to the episode from February 18 this year with Playing for Change featured. A singer-songwriter, Grandpa Elliott also had some songs, including a lovely love song, with words something like: … “sugar is sweet, but so is your kiss… honey is sweet but so are your lips….. if you kissed the sea it would turn to lemonade…” Have a listen – I challenge you! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Music (2)
I am currently having rather a lot of fun helping to make really useful music teaching resources with my friends Kevin and Janice Tuck. If you have friends who are music teachers, I recommend either ‘becoming a fan’ at their Facebook page at the Fun Music Company to keep informed about Music Teaching resources, or checking out their site for those that they create themselves (sometimes I help!!)

In the spirit of the green orange invisible gestation period (do you think nature is keeping them as hidden treasure til she has them ready?) I am working on my contribution to the Fun Music Company Music Theory sheets (History of Rock and Roll is coming soon), new lino prints and website improvements. Today has been a ‘pimp my blog’ day, with the new CommentLuv application (in the comments section, signified by the heart) and a new simplified blog feed (which you wont notice if I’ve done it right) through to my Facebook Visual Artist page.

I haven’t been entirely well. Whilst not really wanting to elaborate on that here, I am now taking good care of myself and getting better every day.

Soon green citrus (tangerine in this case) will be coming to fruition in all of its juicy, colourful goodness. Stay tuned!

Lots of green and orange, healthy, musical love to you,

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