7 Days of Giveaways – Day 3

You’re wonderful, bold souls, thanks for being here! :) Allison has been emailed about her giveaway, her number comment was 6. Read about the week of play at the retrospective post?

Hey Dear Ones!

Dance to the music with us, today’s the third of 7 days of giveaways!

Leave me your answer (question below) to go in the draw for the third giveaway, a mixed pack of 3 “Bold Art for Bold Soul” greeting cards, similar to the above (if you want a particular theme, you could let me know in the comment, too). If we’ve not met before, how did you find me, by the way? I’ll choose the giveaway winner with a random number generator.

I am happy to dance to pretty much anything by Michael Franti. I haven’t seen this version of Sound of Sunshine before:

You had me at “1, 2, 3, uh-huh…”

(If the embed doesn’t work, go here to watch it!)

What song do you listen to if you want to dance wild and free, and yes, like nobody’s watching?

See you in the comments section :)
Love Meg x o



7 Days of Giveaways – Day 3 — 10 Comments

  1. Hey! Catherine Caine also sent me. Thanks for the intro to Mr. Franti. I play air drums to Lucky Day by Bruce Springsteen.
    I’m glad I found your rainbow sunny art. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for playing, dear ones, I’ve had a gorgeous day checking out your songs. Very dancey choices – and air drummy! :)
      Evan: I emailed Catherine Caine your great comment. Love Talking Heads!
      Jo: I adore that song, too! I know you from Goddess Circle (next time you don’t have to answer that bit!) I enjoyed your simple little chakra book :)
      Samantha: Thanks so much for commenting, fellow Cat Person! I am working towards a calendar with solely cat pictures, would you like me to put you on the mailing list to get an email when it is ready?
      Birdy Diamond: Hellooo! You’re so kind :) Glad you love colour too!
      Tory: Of course I will post to the US if you win! I had a look for Rusted Root and found “On My Way” – good to groove to!
      Allison: Hooray for crazy dancing in the middle of nowhere!
      Ann: Have a happy lucky day :)

      Number 6 has come up! Allison – I’ll email you.

      Yikes, Lorraine AND Gilly – I did the random number thing before I realised your comments were there. Doh! Can I redeem myself by giving you 2 numbers tomorrow?

  2. Oh that crazy Catherine Caine sent me along

    What song do you listen to if you want to dance wild and free, and yes, like nobody’s watching?
    Just about anything with a wild beat (but I do live in the middle of nowhere and can be as crazy as I like)…ummmm for outright freedom how about Born Slippy – Underworld

  3. Hi – not sure if you’d be willing to post a package to the States if I’d win, but I wanted to leave a quick message anyway…. :)

    I hate to admit, it’s been far too long since I’ved danced at all! Not exactly sure what I’d pop in…. Franti is great, or maybe I’d put in some Paul Simon or Rusted Root. Hmmmm? I guess I’ll have to stat workig on that!

    BTW, I came across your blog through Goddess Leonie’s site!

  4. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that I love your work. Especially your cats. They are lovely.

  5. I know you through the Goddess Circle community :)

    Another Michael Franti & Spearhead song always gets me moving:
    Say Hey (I Love You)

  6. I heard about you through Catherine Caine’s newsletter. I suspect if she could do visual it would be just as vibrant as yours but less figurative.

    To dance to: Cross-eyed and Painless by Talking Heads!