Small stone January 4 2013



pushing through the hot air

thoughts running ahead to the next available shade


[PS My face is rather more relaxed and less smiley than the woman in the lino print above. However I want to post today, and it’s too hot to go outside in search of a hot photo!]

[I don’t think of myself as a Writer  – clearly, though I ‘write’… I blog! I’m going to try doing a “Small Stone” noticing, writing each day this month ( + hopefully a little visual something … ) Follow along if you like! Click this link to find out more about the idea of the small stones writing. Click here to check out Melissa Dinwiddie’s Creative Ignition Kit, which I am doing simultaneously!]


Small stone January 4 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. Your work is so vibrant and juicy, Meg! You’re such an inspiration to me. I’d love a peek into your process (video would be awesome — hint, hint… ;))

    Thanks so much for mentioning my Creative Ignition Kit. I’m delighted you’re doing it, and even more delighted to have you in my tribe! :)

    • Thanks heaps, Melissa! And thanks for the nudge towards making a video!
      Doing your Creative Ignition Kit is a lovely way to start off the year – I couldn’t possibly have done it in December! Yey, I’m happy to be in your tribe, too! ‘See’ you soon,
      Meg x o

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