Small stone January 6 2013

bare feet

hot wind whooshes leaves, jangles coconut chimes

flies a-hum in and out of earshot


I’ll post the pictures below the writing today, ‘cos they don’t match match other. Yesterday’s Creative Ignition Kit prompt (optional) was “Button”.button-page

Above: the full page, and Below: my favourite part (even though my thumb overlaps the jar invisibly):button-jar

[I don’t think of myself as a Writer  – clearly, though I ‘write’… I blog! I’m going to be doing a “Small Stone” noticing, writing each day this month ( + hopefully a little visual something … ) Follow along if you like! Click this link to find out more about the idea of the small stones writing. Click here to check out Melissa Dinwiddie’s Creative Ignition Kit, which I am doing simultaneously – and is where the drawing above was sparked!]

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