The sorry tale of meany Meg and the Robust Redback

A sad story, dear readers,

The redback spider was existing quietly, hiding cleverly.

I came in the roller-door end of the garage to see the little arachnid poised warily on his web structure. Minutes later I strategically returned via the house-door end of the garage, he/she had by then tucked him/herself under the saddle of the Red Bike where nary a rolled-up newspaper could impact. So clever.

I still feel both proud and guilty. One would think I am too large to be feeling bad about a small spider concealing himself in my little used garage. However, the redback is pretty poisonous etc, so I for the human good I decided I ought squash or thwart him.

It’s not very green I know to squirt with supermarket poison, and not very fair. I bought anti-spider spray. It isn’t even good for humans: WILL irritate your eyes. MAY irritate your skin. WASH YOUR HANDS. Facial skin contact may cause temporary facial numbness. Do not inhale spray. Wear rubber gloves. After each days use wash gloves… There are more warnings, more on the can (not written in spider, written in human language).

I squirted with the toxic chemicals. It worked. He died. I will sweep him up when he is dried up a bit.

Not a fair fight. I feel bad. It did need to be done.

Abashedly yours,

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