Stinky bins, herbs, book acquisition

Hey there blog fans!

Hope the New Year has started well for you.

Warm day for a run. And it’s bin day. Didn’t notice most of the time, but occasionally I passed through a big wafty cloud of invisible Bin Smell. Reminded me that the more we can compost and bokashi and use worms so the organic matter doesn’t go to landfill, the better!
I have been using the bokashi compost, keeping a lot of green waste out of my landfill bin, getting litres of brown bokashi fertiliser juice and plenty of organic dig-in matter for enriching the soil.

You know I am a fan of the Farmers Market, right? (My local is the Adelaide Showgrounds one, 9 til 1 on Sundays) Even more so after getting a membership for my birthday and reading Animal Vegetable Miracle (by Barbara Kingsolver)! Over the little Christmas break I bought some potting soil and soil wetter stuff, and filled up some pots I had sitting around. This week I purchased some lovely herbs at the Farmers Market. Now in the big pots along with my Christmas herbs (Thai Mint and Wavy purple basil) are thriving Common Mint, Spearmint (the leaf is smaller and it smells even sweeter), Stevia, Marjoram and Pineapple Sage (yummy – just smells like icy summer drinks should taste).

I bought the book “Lucky Man” by Michael J. Fox (link to book on Amazon) when I was away for a couple of days. (I must have really been in holiday mode cos it seems like a while since I pottered around book shops and decided I would purchase an actual book!) I really enjoyed reading it. Here’s a link to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Research site if you want to check it out.

Will organise some scanning time and give you a lino print update soon.
Warm wishes,

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