Happy To Be Here: Exhibition Launch

Woot! My Happy To Be Here art exhibition launched officially last Friday!

photographic self portrait, overlaid with header text in chunky font

Here is a visual story of the exhibition launch afternoon.

Let’s begin with: me with a double ‘exposure’ (from Diana Photo App) outside the venue, the Old Goolwa Police Station gallery. It was a most gorgeous afternoon – the blue and white sky part of the pic was taken the same day. Note my Christine Pyman aerialist earrings. #kindredspirit

Smiling woman, Tangerine Meg, wearing a black jacket with embroidered collar and matching silver earring, looks into the camera, as she stands in front of a brick-framed arched doorway with blue wood and glass panels

Here’s how the building entrance was set up… *High 5* to Leah, for her perfect picture/type/cat welcome display design.

Looking into a red brick building through a blue door frame, is seen a white wall with a painting displayed. Underneath the picture are the words "Happy To Be Here" and "Tangerine Meg" with an arrow pointing left, and a sticker of an orange cat perched just above the skirting board.

In the entryway picture ^^^ at left you can see the old cell doorway (from when the building was a police station).

Below is the Now Always Open door, which has project-announcing bunting drawing you in to watch the Happy To Be Here Project video! Hoorah!

Thank you, if you played by sending in photos for my Happy To Be Here Project! I appreciate that so much. If you can’t make it to Goolwa (South Australia) this month, for now check out the trailer here, to get a sense of the pace, the music, the feel, etc. In early October, I’ll upload the full 6-minute video to You Tube for all to see.

white room with circle bunting leading from a white barred door to a TV on a red bench. Both the bunting and the screen shot spell out: Happy To Be Here Project.

Here’s me in my spotty exhibition launch dress in front of one of our happily inherited-from-previous-exhibition orange walls…

South Australian woman artist, Tangerine Meg, wears a purple and green/blue spotty dress, and stands in front of an orange wall with framed pictures hanging on it.

Here’s wonderful Loreen, an artist in her own right, who has exhibited nearby.Smiling woman in blue top and holding red and black graphic design bag, standing near art exhibition works hung on 2 walls, one wall of which is painted orange.

Me (again) with a friend, author Susan Fitzgerald.

Tangerine Meg and author Susan Fitzgerald standing in fromt of orange wall displaying framed brightly coloured lino prints and watercolours

Getting good mileage out of that one orange wall for photos at the exhibition launch, right? It was such a gorgeous colour, it made everything wonderful – ‘specially in the afternoon sunlight!

I took friends, invited guests and the gorgeous gallery-sitting volunteers for a walk and talk (aka. the Artist’s Talk) around the pictures at 4.30pm.

At 5.30pm Rene Strohmeyer did a mindful, beautiful, ‘gets it’ exhibition launch speech. Thank you!

[I was so rivetted/engrossed that I have zero pictures! Were you there? Did you take any pictures? Could you help me tell this story? … I’m glaringly missing photos of venue manager Leah & launch speaker Rene; though your point of view of any part of the launch would be of value. I’d love to add them to this post – of course with credit to you, and a link to your online presence if you have one.]

Susan Fitzgerald, seen above, read out this Sylvia Plath quote – so beautifully she got applauded. The Plath quote inspired this hand painted lino print image, “First Fig”.

Lino print of young adult reaching for high purple figs alongside a Sylvia Plath quote from The Bell Jar about just such a life stageHere are Philippa and I – our feet at least – after the official exhibition launch.

Camera looking down and 2 people facing each other's shoes standing on dark wood floor

Here are some general shots of lovely folk…

delightful bold souls mingling, chatting and smiling at the launch of Happy to Be Here exhibition; the room is high of ceiling, with walls lined with framed pictures; the floor is dark timber.

Panos (panorama photos) are fun and entirely possible on one’s phone. Seems rather advanced functionality for such a little device! Here are two.

a panoramic shot around a large room, with folk almost silhouetted attending an exhibition launch.

Above, the big (courthouse) room, and below the clerk’s room (the one with the orange wall we loved).

gallery patrons discussing art at a gallery launch

These folk are old hands (hah, get it?) at feet photos as they joined in with in the Happy To Be Here Project!

photo of feet at an exhibition launch

Nice old floorboards, right? … Another good photo background provided by the venue!

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I’m going to have a nap now.
Talk soon,
Meg x o



PS If you’ve some photos with which you can fill gaps in this story, please send via Facebook upload, or email to me.

PS2 If you’d like to review my exhibition/launch on your blog, give me a shout out and I’ll link to your review!

PS3 If you can get to Goolwa this month, this very art exhibition runs until September 27.

PS4 Can’t get to Goolwa and want to buy one of my pictures? Ring Leah and she’ll make it happen, on +61 8 8555 7289 international (enter the dial out code for your country first) or 08 8555 7289 from within Australia.

PS5 Thank you for reading all the way to here! You’re awesome :) x o










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