Work in Progress: Bottle with bottlebrush flower

Header image for blog post: "Work in Progress: Bottle with Bottlebrush" text is overlaid on a photo of a hand painting with a small paintbrush onto a leaf shape, which has a partially completed yellow background.A lovely neighbour gifted me a fresh, pink bottlebrush flower sprig and I found a tiny bottle to hold water for it. The light and colour captivated me and I was drawn to make a painting of the combination :)

Here’s a close up when I was painting green into a leaf, amongst a spotty pattern for the (imaginary) cloth. [By the way, tricky to do with a phone camera in my left hand and painting a small area with a fine brush with my right!] Loved that Autumn light streaming in my Northern-facing studio window! You can see it in the pic by the strong shadow and the wonderful, almost glowing paint colours, can’t you?Work in progress bottle brush painting being painted with fine brushGradually, native flowers (& chickens)(and we’ll see what else in my new locale!) are appearing in my repertoire of themes. With poor old Captain Whitepaws gone, we are a cat-dominated household in spirit only. I’m still doing double-takes, thinking I’ve seen him and it’s just some recycling waiting to go out or something.

Here’s the bottlebrush flower still life, almost finished. The quilt in the background is inspired by a quilt gifted from another friend! Lucky me :) #happycolours

Three quarters complete painting of bottle brush sprig in a red glass bottle with quilt as a background, and spotty leafy fabric on the surface. Here’s (a photo of) the glass jar. You can see from the marked shadow of it’s contents across the picture that when the painting was almost complete, so was the flower! I like that about art … precious or beautiful things can be captured and enjoyed for more than the short life of the original inspiration :D #artastimetravel

Sun shining in a window on almost complete bottle brush painting. Painting has yellow spotty cloth and quilt as background. The table surface is goldy swirly laminate table. The red bottle featured in the painting is seen on the table too.Here’s a close up. Check out the bee hive section of the quilt. #honeyyellows #upsidedownmrsquiggleClose up of colourful painting of bottlebrush with a quilt background.As of this writing, the original artwork is available for sale to a good home. Yours perhaps? Click any image above to view the Bottle with bottlebrush painting in my Gallery Shop and learn more.

Or, click the picture below to check out the 2018 Bold Art Calendar (Still Lifes) which features Bottle with bottlebrush as the February painting!

Cover and inner calendar pages of 2018 Tangerine Meg Bold Art Calendar, Still Lifes. Bottlebrush picture is the second one, featured in February.You may have guessed that the 2018 Bold Art Calendars are freshly back from the printers! How exciting! They’re lovely in hand and vibrant as can be :)

Thank you bold souls who placed early bird orders (and saved a bit of moolah!) – your calendars are winging their way to you as we speak (interstate/international) or happily waiting to be picked up at a market :)

I’d love to hear in the comments section if you’re a massive fan of Australian native flora, or if you’re just as happy with nasturtiums and daisies in your garden and artwork :)

Talk soon!
Love Meg x o


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work in progress bottlebrush painting header, in tall format for pinterest


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