The First 5 Pictures of the 100 Picture Project

Header text overlaid on 5 new happy artworks

A million years ago Last century (early eighties) the librarian at graphic design college told us new students this truth/joke: When in a group setting somebody mentions a topic they don’t (yet) know about, the librarian/s present will glaze over briefly (and possibly look seemingly vaguely off into the distance) while they figure out how they would look it up.

I love that (and am related to and around many librarians) and pretty sure I’ve see this actually happen!

I love when people are drenched in their specialty/genius and they want to use their powers to make things better. I feel that way with my new art project, too :)

Art can change the way you look at the world

Have you heard that good art can change the way you look at the world? I love it when I go to an exhibition and afterwards, back outdoors – where I was perhaps half an hour ago – everything seems different with my new art-influenced perspective.

I particularly remember returning to the daylight when I’d seen David Hockney’s many-eyed photographs.

And Christine McCarthy’s (one of my teachers/mentors) and her prints  have forever changed the way I look at coastal sand dune vegetation and other landscape wonders!

My art project has already started to change the way I’m looking at things!

For me, it can feel like a whole other day by the end of a walk or a day, let alone a week or a month or a lengthy project! You too?

Based on other lengthy projects (like my 50 Pictures for my 50th birthday a couple of years ago) I’m guessing that End of Project Me is some way off yet… I am still Start of Project Me. However, I note this art project is already subtly changing my outlook.

I was walking past a tree with ripening apples, searching my mental filing cabinet for what paint colours I could use* to approximate Mother Nature’s palette. Like the librarians, right?! Seeing my palette in my mind’s eye, mixing a colour… Lol! <3

Here’s a collage of the first 5 pictures of the 100 Picture Project:

5 new pictures, 4 are paintings and one is a black and white colouring page

Click the picture to view and read the description/story of the first four in my online gallery shop.

Picture 5 is a great Winston Churchill quote I came across that’s going to be super relevant this year! To help embed it in my psyche, I spent some hours lettering and decorating it…  I even have it (smaller) on my vision board to remind me, and had it pasted down even before I nominated my big art project.

The colouring page of the Churchill quote is not for sale!

But, you can have it!

Whaaaat? How does that work?

It’s now a part of the Tangerine Treasury secret library of downloads!

If you’re already signed up for my mailing list, you can access this as a downloadable colouring page in the usual way. Otherwise, sign up and download today!

Related / Unrelated News …

How intriguing is this recent article about instagram changing the way we involve ourselves with art? Might I even suggest the term ‘play’ with art? Certainly there’s influence going in both directions :)

You can follow along the 100 Pictures Project artworks in progress on instagram and facebook… go ahead and comment when one of them resonates with you!

Love. Light. Peace.
Meg x o


* Red and the light pink mixed. It was a lovely ripe-y pinky red.

PS There are still some 2018 Bold Art Calendars left – mostly Bold Women and a few Cats, and right now there are a couple of Still Lifes.

Catsanova Invitation Adelaide Fringe 2018

PS2 If you’re in Adelaide and you like cat art, come to the Catsanova Fringe Cat Art exhibition at Pepper St Art Gallery, Magill, between February 18 (the launch) and March 23! I’ll have some artwork in there … did you see, one of my paintings is on the invitation (top right) :)

PS3 Click this for your own copy of the current Print of the Month. As of this writing, it’s a cat one :) [Later: I’m not doing Print of the Month right now, but you can still order prints!]




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